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5 Steps to WHealth; Unlock Your Inner Angel

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We’re all looking for it. We know it exists. Those who have tasted it, boast about it – either in explicit words, or through their radiance. The road to health and happiness is simple, yet not easy.

It may be appropriate for us to seek guidance from the Italian sculptor and artist Michelangelo for guidance in achieving the sweet life, la dolce vita. When asked about the creative genius that resulted in one of his more famous works, he outlines a simple approach that should equally lead us to our inner beauty.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

There are 5 lessons for us embedded in the master’s quote that will help us to find health, happiness and prosperity.

  1. Michelangelo saw the angel in an ugly slab of unpolished marble. Each of us is this angel. As we look in the mirror, either literally or figuratively, we need to trust and believe the angel is in there. When we can imagine the angel, we will find her.
  1. Mother Nature, in her wisdom, created us with great care and detail. Regardless of our current shape or form, our natural design is for beauty. When we believe in the angel, we will unlock her beauty.
  1. Michelangelo carved until he set the angel free. He worked hard, and he didn’t stop until the angel was liberated. When we are patient and diligent in our pursuit of WHealth, we will be rewarded.
  1. Michelangelo released the angel with his hands. Similarly, your WHealth is in your own hands. You are the sculptor. It’s your imagination, creativity, belief and hard work that will earn the reward. The biggest step is belief. Your cognitive brain is under your voluntary control. Mother Nature has gifted you with the ability to determine your own future.
  1. Mother Nature has designed a powerful reward for each of us when we honor our natural design. The prize is health and happiness. This is the ultimate worldly liberation, la dolce vita.

Michelangelo and Mother Nature, both creative geniuses have described a pathway to freedom and abundance. When we honor our physical design with exercise, prudent caloric balance and sleep, we unlock physical WHealth. When we do the right things consistently, we unlock the power of habit. When we harness our giant cognitive brain, we unlock the power of belief. When we honor our emotional design by engaging socially and living purposefully we unlock emotional WHealth.

This is BodyWHealth; the pathway to health, happiness and prosperity. It’s in your hands!

Have fun,