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The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey

The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey 1024 640 BodyWHealth

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is a state of deep contentment. It is more valuable than health or wealth. BodyWHealth is an investment strategy based on solid scientific principals that optimize your biology and reward you with abundant riches, including health, happiness, and a profound sense of gratitude. We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t.

The road to WHealth starts, as the name suggests, within our body. When we honor our natural design, Mother Nature rewards us with health and happiness. By understanding and investing in our biology, we optimize our health. When we are healthy, we provide the physical and chemical foundations for happiness. When we are healthy and happy, we are fulfilled; we are WHealthy.

Most people regard this elusive state as unachievable. They regard it like confidence or wealth, something reserved for the elite or lucky. The powerful truth is that BodyWHealth is within everyone’s reach! Belief is a fundamental mindset necessary for WHealth. When we truly believe that we can achieve BodyWHealth, we do.

How can I help you to enjoy BodyWHealth?

Two underlying scientific principles hold the secret to physical and emotional WHealth. For physical WHealth we need to understand that society has evolved far more rapidly than our biology. We must restore a lifestyle that serves our bodies, even as we enjoy the privileges of our modern existence. For emotional WHealth, we must appreciate the evolutionary development of our brain. Powerful forces exist in our primitive survivalist psyches that oppose emotional WHealth. Insight brings understanding, which in turn brings the ability to influence our bodies and minds towards WHealth.

7 Keys to WHealth

Through my medical training, knowledge gained from the University of Life, and my own personal experience, I believe that there are 7 Keys that unlock WHealth – three unlock physical WHealth, two unlock emotional WHealth, and two mindsets enable your journey to WHealth.

The first key is exercise. You have to achieve the equivalent of 10,000 steps on at least 5 days of every week of your life. Exercise triggers the release of anti-inflammatory chemicals that resist decay, retard aging, and promote rejuvenation. The second key is to count calories. It’s not the counting that is valuable, but this is the route to weight control. Fat is toxic. It nourishes inflammatory agents that promote disease, including heart disease and cancer. When you are disciplined about counting calories, you will ensure that you achieve the appropriate daily caloric balance towards your ideal, lean body. The third key to unlocking physical WHealth is sleep. Sleep deprivation is highly prevalent and has a profound impact on our health and happiness.

The fourth key is a powerful mindset that says “no excuses”. Excuses permit failure, and this mindset provides the willpower that bridges your journey until the science of habit takes over, and your body works with you rather than against you. Exercise and prudent eating must be daily rituals. The rule of 7s entrenches change – 7 days, then 7 weeks and finally 7 months. If you meet these milestones, you’re likely to have transformed your life, forever. The fifth key is probably the most powerful of all; to Believe. The Power of Belief is an immense force that converts aspiration to achievement. When we understand our neuroscience, we can liberate our inner heroes, and reach our dreams.

Mother Nature has gifted us with an intricate design – when we do the right things, she rewards us with emotional WHealth. The sixth key employs the power of social engagement to drive happiness. The seventh, and final, key unlocks the power of purpose. Together, these two keys empower us to build on the physical platform we have built, enabling us to reach the emotional fruit we deserve in the orchard of life.

A Beautiful Quest

BodyWHealth is a journey. I will be successful if I help only one person to achieve the destination. I am honored if you choose to join with me on our journey!

Have fun,