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Exercise or Diet; Which Comes First?

Exercise or Diet; Which Comes First? 1024 682 BodyWHealth

I am often asked whether exercise or diet is more important for health? Which one would you focus on first?

Well, the answer is both, of course. That’s why Golden Rule #1 for BodyWhealth is about exercise and Golden Rule #2 about diet. An interesting research study from the University of South Carolina published this week in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine shines some light on their relative importance. In this study, both body mass index and waist circumference are more consistently associated with inadequate exercise than poor diet. Given the strong relationship between excess weight and disease, especially heart disease, there is little doubt that exercise should be your highest priority. So, make sure that you achieve the equivalent of 10,000 steps on at least 5 days of every week. Simple. Powerful. BodyWHealth.

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