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The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey
The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey 1024 640 BodyWHealth

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is a state of deep contentment. It is more valuable than health or wealth. BodyWHealth is an investment strategy based on solid scientific principals that optimize your biology and reward you with abundant riches, including health, happiness, and a profound sense of gratitude. We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t. read more

My Favorite Books on Health and Happiness
My Favorite Books on Health and Happiness 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Dear committed WHealth Seeker,

Welcome to the first in our monthly series of book reviews. Each month, I will review one (or more) books that are directly relevant to your health, happiness or prosperity. This month, you get a bumper version – I highlight my favorites – a small selection of the many books that underscore the BodyWHealth value proposition and capture the science of WHealth. read more

Eat Well for a Long Life
Eat Well for a Long Life 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Through the confusing morass of dietary advice available today, one cultural variant shines through as a solid strategy for longevity: the Mediterranean diet.

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5 Steps to WHealth; Unlock Your Inner Angel
5 Steps to WHealth; Unlock Your Inner Angel 1024 540 BodyWHealth

We’re all looking for it. We know it exists. Those who have tasted it, boast about it – either in explicit words, or through their radiance. The road to health and happiness is simple, yet not easy. read more

Balance Energy for Life
Balance Energy for Life 1024 683 BodyWHealth

Why BodyWHealth? It’s simple. To prosper, you need to unlock the powerful linkages between mind, body and emotion. When you do this, you open yourself to a life of abundance. There is no bigger prize. It starts with your body. To support a life of extraordinary achievement, joy and fulfillment, you have to build the vessel to carry you there.  Here is how you prepare for WHealth … read more

Bad Week for Sugar; Good Week for WHealth
Bad Week for Sugar; Good Week for WHealth 1024 682 BodyWHealth

A flurry of articles in the New York Times last week portrayed the Coca-Cola company in a very bad light. The articles questioned the company’s scientific integrity, exposing details that suggest the company is influencing scientists to protect it’s revenue. read more

The Cytokine Balance Infographic
The Cytokine Balance Infographic 1024 677 BodyWHealth

Simple choices determine your chemical path to degeneration and decay, or towards rejuvenation and youth. Your WHealth is in Your hands.

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Sugar-Drink Death; Are You Vulnerable?
Sugar-Drink Death; Are You Vulnerable? 716 472 BodyWHealth

Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), designed to tempt your palate, are silent killers. Results of a recent study estimate 184,000 deaths per year are directly attributable to SSB consumption. read more

The Science of Inactivity: Escape the Deathtrap
The Science of Inactivity: Escape the Deathtrap 1024 683 BodyWHealth

Our world has evolved fast. Technological and social evolution has dramatically outpaced our body’s capacity for biological adaptation. We were designed to move; yet we are largely sedentary, with profound consequences for our health and happiness. Today, science offers new insights that help us to stay young.

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Grip Strength Predicts Longevity
Grip Strength Predicts Longevity 1024 496 BodyWHealth

Did you ever wince from a vice-like handshake? We all know them. They come at you, bigger than life, and you get the sense that they believe that the strength of their handshake says something about their vitality. Actually, they’re right. It turns out that your grip strength is an even better indicator of your longevity than your blood pressure! read more