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The Miracle of Motherhood

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Mother Nature smiled as she gave mankind its greatest gift … a mother’s love.

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow.

So, I wanted to write something that celebrates mothers around the world. I wanted to craft a powerful tribute that honors the enormous role that mothers play in our lives.

It is not easy to adequately express the miracle that is motherhood!

How do you capture the intense intimacy of this primal relationship? For nine months, your blood was separated only by the tiniest layer of placental cells. Your mother’s voice bathed your developing brain. Your mother’s heartbeat nourished your spirit and soul. Your mother’s fluctuating breaths taught you about life’s rhythms and rituals.

How do you describe the miraculous transformation that takes place after nine months of gestation? A mother is born in the same instant as her first child. Yet, we expect her to be a responsible, mature, all-knowing woman within seconds of parturition.

How do you honor a life of undying devotion? The love of a mother is seemingly infinite, outlasting if necessary the fiercest challenges life can muster, and the most loyal commitment of spouses, siblings or friends.

Motherhood is miraculous not in its rarity, but in its consistency. Not in its ubiquity, but in its uniqueness. Not in its power, but in its intensity.

So, in place of grand rhetoric or moving prose, this weekend I offer my deepest admiration and profound gratitude for all mothers … especially my own!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Have fun,