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Best of 2015

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At BodyWHealth.org we aim to inspire and educate you towards health, happiness and prosperity. What did you, the readers find most interesting on this site during 2015?

Most popular blogs:

  1. The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey.
  2. To Live We Need to Love.
  3. This May be the Best Exercise Advice Ever.

Most frequently visited pages:

  1. Emotional WHealth.
  2. Life in Balance.
  3. Find Abundant WHealth.

My Personal Favorite:

  1. Invoke Your Primal Power, For WHealth. This is without doubt the gateway to our greatest asset and strength. The mindset of BELIEF is pivotal for health, happiness and prosperity.
  2. On Being in Love; by Bob Marley. We shared Marley’s poem on love on Valentine’s Day. It was high on your list of favorites, and expresses our universal aspiration to be loved and to love.

We will continue to enhance your experience, helping you to unlock personal WHealth in powerful and entertaining ways. Please help us with feedback and comments. Please share us with other WHealth Seekers. And above all, when you visit us here …

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