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Creative Persistence; A BodyWHealth Secret (Q&A)

Creative Persistence; A BodyWHealth Secret (Q&A) 1024 594 BodyWHealth

Dear Roddy, I started reading your inspiring blog two months ago. I’m a busy mom with two beautiful kids at home, and I work as a schoolteacher. I try to do 10,000 steps every day, but its sometimes hard. Then I think about it and feel bad. Can you help me? KR

Dear KR,

Congratulations on your efforts, and for caring. Your family and students are lucky to have you, and we’re happy that you’re a member of the BodyWHealth community. I have a few thoughts that I think you may find helpful.

First, it’s important for you to know that 10,000 steps is a goal. If you make it to 8,000 you’ve done a great job. So don’t stay home if you don’t have the time for a long walk. Rather get the steps in, even if it’s a little less than you’d planned for that day.

Second, remember that 10,000 steps is the goal for the entire day. I hope that you are wearing your pedometer all day so you capture every step? I’ll bet that as a schoolteacher and mom you are probably walking about 3,000 steps during an average day. That means you only need another 7,000 to reach the bigger goal. I’m sure that you will find a way to get in a few more steps through the day. Walk around the cafeteria three times before you eat. Walk the long way to your classroom. Take a 5-minute walk during recess. It all counts.

Next, it’s good for you to exercise on 5 days of the week, but you can distribute your steps across the full week. I’m sure your weekends are also busy, but you may be able to get in more than 10,000 steps on these days. This would cut you a little slack on the busy weekdays. If you can total 50,000 steps by the end of the week, you can be very proud. You’ll be well on the road to BodyWHealth.

Remember, your diet is also important. If you’re a little indulgent in your eating and more than a few pounds overweight, then you don’t get too many waivers on your exercise recommendation. If your diet is good and you’re at your ideal weight, then you can be a little more lenient with your exercise.

Here is the hard part of my message. I wish it were easy to earn BodyWHealth! If it were, the world would be full of happy and healthy people. Golden Rule #3 is “No Excuses”. I thought long and hard before including this one. The reason I included it is that I believe from deep in my heart, after watching others and experiencing a personal transformation, that you will not achieve BodyWHealth if you allow excuses to rule your life. I started my personal transformation in the middle of winter. Had I allowed the snow and ice to stop my exercise, I would not be where I am today – 50 pounds lighter, and several years younger than when I started. Please read my blogs about “No Excuses” and the “Rule of 7s” (about forming long-term healthy habits). I include some pointers and tips to make it easier.

If I had one tip, I would suggest that you find a friend to walk with. Sign them up for BodyWHealth, and you’ll motivate each other towards your goals. Perhaps she or he will be a teacher too, and will understand your life and challenges better than I do.

Good luck. Please let me know how you do. I wish you strength and persistence. You’re on a wonderful journey and I’m honored to be a tiny part of it.

Have fun,


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