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The Nature of WHealth

The Nature of WHealth 1024 678 BodyWHealth

The greatest reward of BodyWHealth is the value you build above the physical foundation. Over-and-above the abundant riches of WHealth itself, two specific properties of BodyWHealth make it the best investment you will ever make. WHealth is cumulative and self-perpetuating.

I hope you are familiar with the ascending ladder of WHealth. In an earlier article, we reviewed Maslow’s hierarchy. The foundations of WHealth are physical. We all must work hard, every day to attain and then maintain physical WHealth. Due to the (R)evolutionary Gap, we must go out of our way to ensure that we have an active lifestyle, appropriate energy (calorie) balance, good sleep and minimal uncontrolled stress. Although hard work, there is no question that the reward justifies the efforts – both in terms of tangible good health, which is within your grasp within a relatively short period of time, but also in significant reduction in your risk of disease and premature death.

Once you have a solid physical base, you are in a position to build enduring emotional WHealth. This positions you for self-actualization and beyond, into the ultimate realm of self-transcendence. I refer to these latter two as Super-WHealth.

You will know from your own life that you can attain some of the riches of emotional WHealth, self-actualization and self-transcendence, even if your foundation is fragile. When my physical WHealth was at its lowest, I still enjoyed moments of happiness, but it is a very different life state. When your physical foundation is robust, super-WHealth becomes more enduring, more pervasive, and without doubt, more alluring. If you haven’t already experienced this value, I hope that you soon will!

So, your investment is cumulative, not simply additive. The value compounds over time with concerted effort. More than this, BodyWHealth becomes self-perpetuating after you pass a critical, invisible threshold.

I frequently hear people wishing they were wealthy. “If only I had money, I could make money.” “The rich get richer.” “If I had the money to build a factory, I could be very wealthy.” I’m not an economist, but understand fully the complaints underlying these statements.

In one regard, this is true for WHealth too. You see, once you have tasted WHealth, true WHealth, you will never forget the sensation, and you are likely to continue to strive for more. This is true at the psychological and emotional levels, but more importantly, there is strong biological logic for the irresistible attraction.

The liberating joy of WHealth is underpinned by hormonal and chemical changes in the brain that we explore in some detail in other articles on this blog. In her wisdom, Mother Nature designed irresistible chemical seduction for WHealthy behavior – that is, physical, mental and emotional acts and views that drive personal and societal WHealth. From an evolutionary perspective, these are behaviors that increase our risk of success as individuals and a species. Like Physical WHealth, it is very clear that Emotional WHealth is both a reward and an incentive.

When you have tasted WHealth, you not only crave more, but you are better equipped to deliver more. You know how to build WHealth, and you know how to destroy WHealth. You are a smarter, more devoted, more motivated investor. You have both knowledge and experience on your side. Subsequent investment has better returns. This is one of the principal reasons I advocate for a minimum investment of 9 months. It not only entrenches life-changing habits, but it gives the owner of the Body a taste of abundant WHealth!

At the same time, there are fundamental differences between wealth and WHealth that makes the latter a more attractive investment. Concentration of wealth thrives in the presence of underlying inequality and is a principal despised by critics of capitalism with more socialist biases. Although economists would likely argue, for the average person, global wealth is finite, leaving each of us competing for a tiny share of the collective treasure. On the other hand, WHealth is an underexploited capability and reward that resides within each of us. We all have capacity for enormous expansion of individual WHealth. It is perhaps the perfect economy; success breeds success (perhaps we could call this “WHealth concentration”), hard-workers are rewarded disproportionately (the free-market principle), and yet there is equal access for all.

I hope that you will invest with enthusiasm in your BodyWHealth. You will be handsomely rewarded.

Have fun,