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I’m Dr. Roddy Carter, MD. — physician, scientist and peak performance expert. I have guided Olympic athletes to realize their physical, mental, and emotional potential, and have led internationally-recognized research programs in cardiovascular health.

Today, I help people just like you transform their lives. But, you want to know something interesting? Just a few years ago, I was totally lost.

  • I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.
  • I was in horrendous shape. … I was at least 60 pounds overweight.
  • I was depressed and directionless.
  • I was aging fast, and life was running away from me in a very painful way!

One day, I flew from San Francisco to New York. Strapped into the seat for 6 hours, I could hardly breathe. I was bulging out of my clothes, and that tiny seat had me trapped, just like the rest of my life. I decided THIS IS IT. No more. I get only one life.

As I turned my own life around, I took careful notes of what worked, how it worked and, what didn’t work. I went back to the science I had learned as a young doctor, and the work of Nobel scientists across a wide range of subjects.

In my ebook Secrets to the Natural Order, I reveal what I discovered while systematically transforming my life. There are fundamental truths about our lives and biology that I wish they taught in medical schools. It all comes down to this one basic principle:

Mother Nature has designed us perfectly. And when we honor that design, she rewards us with health and happiness. It’s mind-blowingly simple and powerful!

  • I lost over 50 pounds, and it has stayed off.
  • I now look in the mirror without feeling grossed out, and I wear the clothes I want!
  • I no longer carry myself through the day exhausted.
  • I unlocked emotional wealth I didn’t even know I’d lost.
  • I unlocked happiness way beyond what I had ever hoped for.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, I found my purpose.

Are you ready to discover the secrets for yourself?