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Sleep … to Declutter Your Brain

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I have heard too many macho workaholics tell me that sleep is a waste of time. New research shows how essential mental hygiene takes place while you close your eyes and rest your brain.

The science of sleep is complex, and sleep research is very difficult to perform. Evidence points to two major functions of sleep in our lives and health. Sleep is either a phase for brain recuperation and rest, and/or it is a time for brain reorganization and growth.

New evidence shows that sleep provides a time to declutter the complex nerve tangles that result from a busy day of growth and learning. The data comes from two studies published this month by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and a collaboration between leading Italian sleep researchers and UC San Diego scientists.

During the day, we apply old knowledge and acquire new insights. The former uses well established nerve patterns, the latter results in the establishment of a host of new nerve connections. These new nerve connections are good because they make us smarter, but much like your desk or email inbox at the end of a day (if anything like mine), there are a few good things hidden under a big pile of clutter.

While you sleep, your brain appears to undo the less well established connections, tidying the desk or inbox of your mind.

BodyWHealth is a simple system that unlocks your best biology, enabling you to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. In this case, good sleep optimizes your neurobiology, giving you your best possible brain!

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