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Talks To Inspire WHealth

I love sharing transformative insights with individuals and teams.

These are my favorite talks. They inspire, entertain and educate.

BodyWHealth: Pathway to Abundance – Very few enjoy health, happiness and prosperity. I explain the road to all three: a proven track based on evolutionary principals and scientific evidence. I empower you to define your personal growth strategy to abundance.

The Power of Belief – Scientific insight enables us to unlock magical neurological powers that impel achievement in our individual and collective lives. I describe the opposing forces that foster belief or create doubt, outlining simple ways to infuse your life with positivity and success.

It’s In Your Hands – Sadly, we surrender too often to probabilistic projections that health, happiness and prosperity are the right of the privileged few. I will inspire and motivate you with truth and fact. You will leave this talk knowing that your future is in your hands, and will take active steps to embrace life’s greatest rewards.

The (R)evolutionary Gap – An explosion of technological and societal progress threatens our biological design. The consequences are disastrous, inducing a metabolic crisis that accelerates aging and invites devastating disease. I share simple actions, born out of deep scientific insight, that enable you to restore your biology without losing the privileges of a modern life.

Resilience – Life is a journey; a marathon rather than a sprint. Few properties drive our individual and collective success as much as resilience does. I explain the science of resilience. Insight is the first step to mastery. You will leave this talk empowered with simple tactics to apply in your personal and organizational lives that equip you to embrace challenge and prosper.

A Life of Purpose – Prosperity, in the fullest possible definition of this grand reward, is within your reach. I share with you the science of purpose, and help you outline deliberate steps towards a life of abundance. If you are beginning your journey to WHealth, this talk will inspire you. If you are an advanced WHealth Seeker, I will challenge you with new ideas that accelerate your growth.

Team WHealth – To realize their collective potential requires individuals to perform optimally, both independently and cooperatively. In this talk, I explain the science behind three critical levers of organizational success, Belief, Trust and Resilience, and guide participants to develop these pivotal team attributes

Family WHealth – The strength of a family is equal to the sum of individual strengths, multiplied by their co-operative powers. I define a pathway that optimizes individual WHealth, and inspires families to tap into natural powers like affirmation and gratitude to drive collective resilience and prosperity.

I love sharing transformative insights with individuals and teams.

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