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WHealthy Warriors Project

Empowering the Warrior’s Journey

Society asks Warriors to protect our peace, and from ancient times Warriors have accepted that call to arms. Courage, Dedication, and Sacrifice carry them into harm’s way—a journey that changes their lives, forever.

In some cases, they return home to the society they have protected with physical injury. In most cases, they return with invisible wounds—emotional injury that remain deliberately hidden … because warriors are strong.

The strategies that protected their body and mind on the battleground no longer work at home.

The WHealthy Warrior Project inspires and educates these brave men and women who have served their country to complete the Warrior’s Journey, and bring themselves the peace they fought to protect.

WHealthy Warriors

  • Execute the final phase of their journey with the same dedication and rigor with which they prepared for battle.
  • Establish personal habits that promote health and happiness.
  • Boldly face down the hidden demons of war through deeply personal, courageous conversations.
  • Apply their new knowledge and skills as they re-integrate into civilian life.
  • Receive honor and welcome by their local communities.
  • Earn the ultimate rewards … honor and abundance.