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100 Signs That You Have BodyWHealth

100 Signs That You Have BodyWHealth 1024 682 BodyWHealth

You know you have BodyWHealth when ….

  1. You feel good about being you
  2. You believe that you can achieve your dreams
  3. You know who you are, and
  4. You like who you are
  5. You know what you want to achieve,
  6. And you know how to achieve it
  7. You know your priorities
  8. You make your own destiny
  9. You keep your eyes on your goal, and work past obstacles cheerfully
  10. You don’t sweat the small stuff, but little things bring you joy
  11. You have a spring in your step
  12. You have time to reflect
  13. You don’t get sick easily,
  14. And you recover quickly
  15. You can concentrate at work
  16. You are productive, rather than busy
  17. You believe in your ability to succeed
  18. You live your way, with limited dependence on the approval of others
  19. You climb three flights of stairs without panting
  20. You have a resting heart rate around 70bpm
  21. Your heart rate returns to resting levels within 5 minutes of stopping exercise
  22. You exercise most days of the week
  23. You look forward to exercise
  24. You get down onto the floor to play with children
  25. You get up off the floor easily
  26. Your clothes fit you
  27. You enjoy your food
  28. You eat when you’re hungry,
  29. And you stop when you’re full
  30. You eat breakfast
  31. You can look in the mirror when you’re naked
  32. You like what you see when you look in the mirror (naked too)
  33. You can walk around naked in front of your spouse/partner
  34. You know how many calories you need on an average day
  35. You can guestimate how many calories you’re eating each meal
  36. You eat more whole foods than processed foods
  37. You drink moderate amounts of alcohol (a glass of red wine a day ideally)
  38. You don’t hide your eating
  39. You do not smoke cigarettes
  40. Your bowel functions regularly
  41. You don’t have to undo your belt or button after a big meal
  42. You don’t beat up on yourself if you overindulge (occasionally)
  43. You wake in the morning and feel rested
  44. You wake at approximately the same time every day (including weekends)
  45. You wake in the morning without needing an alarm
  46. You have energy
  47. You go to sleep before midnight
  48. You fall asleep quickly and easily
  49. If you wake during the night, you get back to sleep easily
  50. You give
  51. Others enjoy spending time with you
  52. You have good friends
  53. You inspire others to be WHealthy
  54. You engage in community activities
  55. You are connected with other people
  56. You enjoy spending time with others
  57. You want others to share in your happiness
  58. You energize those around you
  59. You make time for others
  60. You listen before you speak
  61. You have a passion
  62. You feel a sense of purpose beyond yourself
  63. You have a healthy relationship
  64. You have a healthy sex drive
  65. You laugh easily
  66. You laugh out loud
  67. You smile (even laugh) when you’re alone
  68. You say “I love you” (often)
  69. You say “Thank you” (often)
  70. You say “I’m sorry” (easily)
  71. You’re doing what you love
  72. You love what you’re doing
  73. You take vacations
  74. You plan fun weekends
  75. You are able to prioritize your needs first without being selfish
  76. You take time for yourself
  77. You manage your calendar (rather than the other way around)
  78. You are hopeful about the future
  79. You start with the end in mind, while
  80. You live in the moment/present
  81. You stand tall
  82. Your words to others are positive
  83. Your words to yourself are positive
  84. You practice positive thinking
  85. You trust your own judgment
  86. You’re resilient (bounce back quickly)
  87. You are flexible
  88. You are enthusiastic
  89. You focus on your strengths
  90. You speak your mind (kindly)
  91. You appreciate nature
  92. You enjoy the sunshine
  93. You protect your skin (and eyes) against damage from UV light
  94. You value experiences more than possessions
  95. You appreciate your spirituality
  96. You clap your hands (“When you’re happy and you know it …”)
  97. You believe in BodyWHealth
  98. You believe you deserve the abundant riches of BodyWHealth
  99. Your daily gratitude list is thriving
  100. You’re thankful for … well, everything, really

Have fun,