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Purge Limiting Beliefs: Roadblocks to WHealth

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Our thoughts drive our future. Thoughts are the products of our cognitive brain, the higher centers that differentiate humans from all other forms of life. Mastery of our thoughts is undeniably linked with success. In order to deliver success, we must overcome a range of obstacles. The most powerful challenges come from within.

Our primitive brain stem is charged with the critical role of protecting us. It steers us powerfully to flight or fight. Its currency is fear. When we dream of success, the cautious voice of our primitive brain quickly answers with a dozen questions designed to protect us. “What if you fail? What if you lose all your money? What if you upset your friends? What if the world laughs at you? What if it’s not meant to be? What if you’re not strong enough, smart enough ….?” The list is endless, and as we listen to our voice of caution, questions become doubts, and doubts become fears. Failure ensues.

Over time, if we heed the well-intentioned concerns of our primitive brain too often our cognitive brain becomes contaminated with “limiting beliefs”. If we frequently give in to the question “are you really brave enough?” we entrench the limiting belief that “we are not brave enough”. This may seem like a subtle change in wording, but it has profound impact. When we incapacitate our cognitive brain with limiting beliefs, failure is inevitable. Instead of coming up with reasons to try, we come up with excuses.

Many of us enter adulthood with limiting beliefs swarming our young minds. Kind parents have protected us from failure and pain. In their efforts to shield us, they seed limiting beliefs. They start by saying “I don’t want you to hurt by taking on challenges that are too big for you”, and end up entrenching the belief that life is filled with challenges bigger than we are. This is clearly a limiting belief. Or, in the interests of financial prudence, they ask if we think “money grows on trees?” Over time, we hold the belief that money is an elusive luxury that only the rich and famous deserve. Another limiting belief.

So how do we overcome these deeply entrenched and disempowering beliefs?

First, we have to recognize the undermining fear. Each time we experience doubt, we must ask what is driving it. Is it driven by legitimate, rational, evidence-based argument? Or is it an excuse, fuelled by a limiting belief? We must interrogate the fear, challenging it to defend itself and prove its factual base. In the absence of a watertight defense, the “limiting belief” is exposed to be an excuse, and progress is possible.

Then, we again invoke the power of the cognitive brain using positive thinking techniques like autosuggestion and visualization to re-direct our creative energy towards the desired outcome. The prevailing voices in our head become positive, and we are able to silence the protective cries of our primitive brain. Success follows.

How does this relate back to BodyWHealth?

First, the means to succeed (or fail) are entrenched in our biology. Understanding how the cognitive, emotional and primitive brains interact helps us to coach them towards success. This is true throughout your life, including WHealth.

Second, its important that we understand the limiting beliefs we hold about WHealth. Society teaches us that health fades throughout life; that decay is inevitable. Why should we accept this? We have within our grasp the ability to resist decay and optimize our health. Society teaches us that only a few lucky people are happy through their lives; that the rest of us must struggle through uphill journeys. Why? What if we are destined to be one of the so-called “lucky few”? How would you live differently if you knew that you were one of the lucky few? Here is the good news. Belief makes this possible.

Understand the limiting beliefs holding you back from the abundant WHealth you deserve. Employ your cognitive brain in powerful positive thought. Prepare for WHealth. That’s BodyWHealth!

Have fun,