• BodyWHealth: Unlocking the Best Possible You


Once upon a time I was a young man, a good man. I was married with four beautiful children. I loved my family dearly and wanted to provide for them in the best way possible. I was also a physician, and a scientist, who cared deeply for my patients. I worked hard in order to be the best father and the best physician I could be. I rose early, worked all day, took my computer home at nights and on the weekend, and was always available to help others. I was truly selfless in my work, but at the back of my mind, I also worked hard to become rich. I wanted to be rich because I knew that I could then relax and enjoy life. I could stop working so hard and could spend time with my family. I could take up mountain climbing, skydiving and horseback riding.

Suddenly, one day I looked at myself in the mirror. When I looked real closely, I noticed that I was growing old. I realized that the person that looked back at me was too out of shape to walk up the stairs. I noticed that my children were growing up and would no longer be at home when I finally became rich. And then something worse happened. Much worse. A family member became ill; a severe illness that profoundly threatened life as we knew it. I realized that I had it all wrong. I, of all people, a physician and caregiver, a good husband and father, had it all wrong. I realized that I had been wealthy a long time ago. Worse, I realized that as I had worked to become rich, I had squandered my wealth.

Luckily, I was still a young man. I realized that our wealth was given to us at birth. I realized that whoever had designed this system of life had given us all we needed as we were born, and that it was our job to understand and preserve it. I realized that my body was the source, the vehicle and the destination of all wealth. I understood that the body was a dynamic system that was continuously breaking down and rebuilding itself. I realized that it needed time and care in the building and rebuilding, otherwise the breaking down would dominate, and I would get old quickly. I realized that the belief of many was wrong; our bodies do not rule our lives, running inevitably downhill towards the grave! I realized that so many facets of my health and youth are truly in my own hands. I came to learn about the power of belief – how seeing and believing health would deliver it! It wasn’t easy, but it was really simple, and despite my medical insight and scientific expertise I had overlooked this.

Fortunately, it was not too late. I worked hard at my new insight and applied it with the same enthusiasm as when I was trying to become rich. I lost 50 pounds, can climb the stairs, and spend the time I need with my family. Each day, I appreciate my WHealth. I am younger today than I was five years ago, and will be younger again when I reach my next birthday.

I started BodyWHealth to share this knowledge with you. I believe that an appreciation for your body as a willing partner, coupled with an understanding of the power of BELIEF, will help you to achieve WHealth. Welcome to the start of a truly liberating journey.