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A New Way of Thinking

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When last did you have an argument with somebody, and you both firmly believed your perception of the truth was the truth? Too often, I think.

We humans have evolved over the last 400 million years into the most spectacular beings!

Our advanced brain separates us from all other living creatures.

If you picture other intelligent mammals, like dogs, horses and dolphins, you will notice their backward-sloping foreheads. Even the great apes, and early hominids, like Australopithecus share this skull shape.

Our own prominent foreheads signal a massive leap forward. Our skulls have been pushed out to make space for a new part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex.

A New Frontier

The pre-frontal cortex allows us to move beyond the simple physical world. It has thrust us, for good and bad, into a new realm of “neurally constructed reality“.

Our powerful brains filter incoming signals, mix them with fragmented memories, distorting our individual realities.

Mindsight; The New Science of Personal Transformation, by Daniel Siegel, MD (published in 2011) explores the role of our prefrontal cortex in reconciling “our reality” with actual reality.

The pre-frontal cortex enables us to correlate our “truth” against the real truth, helping us to hold more accurate emotions and to make better decisions.

These powers facilitate personal mastery!

A Great Start

Each month I review a book that I believe will help you to accelerate your journey towards abundance – a life replete with health, happiness and prosperity.

Each year, one of these books is an absolute must read.

I didn’t plan to start 2018 with a book-of-the year. It’s just how my reading worked out.

I will continue to look for books that inspire and educate you, and hope that you find this a valuable part of our relationship!

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“We humans spend a lot of energy not facing reality.” Daniel Siegel, MD