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Realize Your Dreams

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Did you ever feel that you were working hard towards your goal, but you slowly realize that you are going in the opposite direction? Here’s a little book to redirect you towards success.

Perhaps you have a big dream, and despite your fervent desire to be happy, or slim, or rich … you can’t seem to get away from being sad, or overweight, or poor!

That’s exactly what happened with the thoughtful, hard-working ant in the ant and the ELEPHANT, a parable written by former Olympic athlete, and motivational speaker Vince Poscente

Adir was a sweet little fellow living an ordinary life somewhere in Africa.

One day, a great wind suddenly blew across the plains, and lifted him high into the air. Separated from his friends and family in the ant colony, Adir was dumped on a giant wide-open landscape that he didn’t recognize.

Adir’s lonely new life is disturbed by a crow that comes to raid his larder. The bird alerts him to the presence of a great Oasis, and the diminutive ant decides to commit his life to reaching it. He labors intensely to get to this promised land.

The story intensifies when Brio, a wise owl, swoops into Adir’s life, bringing wisdom in bite-sized chunks.

The first epiphany comes when the little guy learns that the great wind deposited him on the back of a giant elephant named Elgo.

Adir suddenly understands why, despite his Herculean efforts to walk towards the Oasis in the east, he was constantly traveling west. Elgo was walking in the opposite direction, carrying the little ant vast distances away from his goal with each giant elephant stride.

Poscente cleverly uses this animal analogy to illustrate the complex inter-relationship between consciousness and sub-consciousness in our lives.

Just like little Adir, our conscious mind makes up a small fraction of our overall brain. The subconscious is represented by the gigantic elephant. To be successful in life, we must harness our conscious thoughts to direct the vast resources of our sub-conscious mind to create our desired future.

As Adir learns to direct his elephant friend towards the Oasis, the author guides the reader towards simple strategies to employ our mighty sub-conscious in support of our dreams and not against them.

The book captures our modern scientific understanding of complex neuroscience with sufficient accuracy for this to be a valuable story. By personifying different brain centers and functions, the author outlines a simple framework for success that is relevant to us all.

The insights shared in the ant and the ELEPHANT are not just for those who have failed to achieve their dreams. I highly recommend this intriguing and entertaining little book for all students of life, and for all WHealth Seekers interested in unlocking their greatest potential.

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