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I had an uplifting conversation that affirmed my deep belief in BodyWHealth, and the profound link between health and happiness.

I was talking with a healthy young athlete about his life. In the course of the conversation, he revealed that he had been significantly overweight. A couple of years ago he decided to change his life and lost about 50 pounds. I was delighted to hear this, and if you know what I care about from reading my blogs, you’ll know that I started smiling broadly.

Empathizing with his transformation, I asked him a leading question. “You feel so much better for it, right?” His answer was simple, spontaneous, and deeply moving. “Yes”, he said, “I am so happy!”

At face value, this sounds like a pretty obvious answer, but when you listen carefully, I hope that you will share my awe. I asked him how he felt, thinking that he would respond by saying: “I can run without gasping now”, or “I can touch my toes again”, or “I don’t feel my clothes hugging me tight all the time anymore”, or “I don’t worry about getting diabetes now”. All of these statements must be true. I expected an answer that described the benefits of his new physical state.

Instead, he told me that he was happy! That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less, but it said it all, and reminded me of the profound link between bodily health and happiness. This is the basis of BodyWHealth. If you spend time on my website, you will find articles outlining the physical origins of happiness, the impact of health and wellness on affect, and the influence of chemical messengers like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin on our moods. It’s real! Go get it.

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