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Your Journey: The Destination

Your Journey: The Destination 1024 436 BodyWHealth

The summit of your BodyWHealth journey largely defies description. Abundance is a state of mind, a sense of completeness, the ultimate reward.

It’s hard to say when you achieve the summit. One day, after the long climb, you suddenly notice that life feels very, very different. You’re suddenly aware of a tangible elevation in your experience of life. I have tasted it, so that qualifies me to talk about it. Once you’ve tasted it, you will never forget it.

These are not superficial, fleeting perceptions. It is a state of deep satisfaction, induced by the flood of hormones and the synchronous firing of nerves that signal satiety. Not the kind of satiety you experience at the end of a big meal, but rather the profound fulfillment you feel in achieving a hard-earned prize. You have arrived, and you know it.

Most of us experience this feeling as children, where we honor our natural design almost thoughtlessly. So, reaching the summit on your BodyWHealth journey is almost nostalgic. When you honor your natural design (again), Mother Nature rewards you handsomely!

This stage in your journey needs little advice. Incentive and reward are merged, and it is easier to maintain BodyWHealth than it is to attain it. I offer these two pieces of advice anyway.

First, take time to celebrate, truly celebrate. Hopefully, you remember the Rule of Sevens, and may have used it to inspire your journey. The rule only works when you apply it fully. Don’t ignore the big reward you set for yourself at the start of the journey. It’s now time to celebrate. Enjoy the victory.

Second, and almost more important, this is the time to give back. Take stock of what you’ve learned on your journey. You will be vastly different from the person who started out. Your growth, at times imperceptible as you toil, compounds daily. Now is the time to share your accumulated knowledge generously.

Tim McGraw, summarizes this beautifully in his deeply moving song “Humble and Kind”. If you haven’t heard it, look it up (even if you’re not a country fan). My favorite part is the last stanza. I will allow these words to stand alone as the conclusion to this four-part blog on your journey:

“When you get where you’re going, Don’t forget to turn back around, And help the next one in line. Always stay humble and kind!”

Have fun,