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HAPPINESS; it’s in Your Words!

HAPPINESS; it’s in Your Words! 1024 682 BodyWHealth

How many words do you know for happiness?

Our powerful cognitive brains have the potential to influence our psyche and our lives, and are under our voluntary control. It’s part of the human construct. This means that you have the ability to suffuse your day with positivity, by just thinking right.

Words are the visible expression of our inner thoughts, sometimes filtered. On the one hand, they allow us a window into our current mental and emotional state. On the other hand, they can be a powerful way of influencing our inner state. By deliberately, carefully choosing positive words to fill your day, you can build a mindset of positivity and optimism.

Choose your words carefully – the ones you say out loud, and even more importantly, the ones you say silently to yourself. These influence who you are in a very tangible manner.

Full Range of Happiness

How many words do you know for HAPPINESS? List them. Savor them. Use them, often. Be them! Happiness is a choice, and it’s in your hands.

Have fun,