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Work Hard to Live Long

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If you think you can cruise your way to a long life, you’re wrong. Research suggests that you earn your longevity through hard work.

Scientists form the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York were interested in finding personality traits associated with longevity.

To do this, they approached a sample of the 53,000 centenarians in the USA. They applied a well-validated measure of personality to see if any specific profiles were more prominent in those older than 100 years as compared with the background population.

One of the features that stood out as being significantly associated with advanced age is conscientiousness. If you’re older than 100, it’s more likely than not that you’re a hard worker!

Of course, this research doesn’t demonstrate causality or explain the association, but it seems that if living long is a personal desire, then you should get down to some hard work. By the way, you’ll also be more likely to exercise, follow a healthy diet, and be more disciplined about the way that you take care of your health. Overall, a good combination!

Work hard, and

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