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Be Who You Want to Be

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We need to get out of our own way. Only we stand between our current reality and our future desires.

So, you want to be happy? I know you do. I want to be happy, and every one of my clients does too.

Who is stopping you?

Nobody is stopping you.

If you want to be happy, be happy.

If you want to laugh, then laugh.

If you want to be adventurous, be adventurous.

If you want to be creative, be creative.

If you want to be calm, be calm.

Who is stopping you?

Through our lives, we acquire reasons to act otherwise. We gain something, often in hidden ways, by being sad, angry, cautious, chaotic or needy.

But sad, angry, cautious, chaotic and needy have side effects. They may get us to our short-term goals, but they lack the enduring power to illuminate our journey to more meaningful destinations!

Worse still, they entrap us. We become stuck in rigid mindsets that keep us from achieving the happiness we so desperately desire.

I work closely with individual clients to understand the origin and motives of the voices in their heads that keep them from their goals. We learn to negotiate with parts that are addicted to short term survival strategies. These courageous men and women liberate themselves from the bondage of their parts, to find joy through the leadership of their authentic SELF.

But I often think we make things too complicated.

If you want to be happy … then just be happy!

Nobody is stopping you :-).

Have fun,