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Being Who You Want to Be, and Tolerance

Being Who You Want to Be, and Tolerance 1024 251 BodyWHealth

To reach your dreams, you need the courage to be who you want to be. And this unlocks a beautiful lesson in tolerance!

In my previous blog, I invited you to act on your greatest desire.

“If you want to be happy, then be happy”, I challenged the reader.

A simple invitation to change your life dramatically.

Actually, I could have said “be the way you want to be”! This goes beyond happiness, for sure, and introduces another beautiful challenge.

Because, if you have the right to be the way you want to be, then so does everyone else!

And, if you believe that nobody has the right to prevent you from being who you want to be, then guess what? We have no right to stand in anybody else’s way.

That’s right, a colorful lesson in tolerance!

So, get out of your own way, get out of everybody else’s way, and let’s all follow our arrows wherever they go!

Have fun,