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Simple Recommendations for Unlocking Emotional WHealth

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When I work with WHealth Seekers, their most common wish is for happiness. Here are 34 ideas for you to explore on your journey to WHealth:

  1. Engage. The fabric of your own life must merge with the lives of others. Share their journeys. Help them carry burdens. Celebrate their victories.
  1. Love, more than you think is possible. Remember that love combats fear. 
  1. Give, more than you think is reasonable. Make the value you exude and share with the world appreciably less than what you take from it. Make sure that people are better off when you leave than when you arrived.
  1. Reach out, often. Offer warm, loving (but appropriate!) touches to everyone you can.
  1. Smile, often. Look people in the eye and share joy and kindness. Speak to others face to face, using video-chat apps if necessary rather than the telephone. Use emoticons when you text.
  1. Laugh, often. Laugh out loud. Laugh alone. Laugh with others. Laugh with people, not at
  1. Surround yourself with positive, resilient people. The more, the merrier, literally!
  1. Trust the people around you. Seek and embrace the benefits of social engagement and friendship. Strangers are friendships that haven’t happened yet.
  1. Volunteer. Give your time to others, detour from your route to help others, and work for the success of others.
  1. Live with purpose. You are part of something bigger than you that drives and inspires you—live that way!
  1. Live on purpose. Be proactive more than reactive. Work deliberately to achieve your goals and manage your resources. Run your life and manage your calendar, rather than having your life and calendar running you.
  1. Believe that life is easy. With this perspective, obstacles become challenges. You become the master of your own destiny. The journey becomes fun!
  1. Focus on things that bring you joy. Understand what gives you meaning and find ways to build it into your life.
  1. Use positive, purposeful words. Complaints, negative reflections on the past, and speculation about the activities of others are energy traps. Gossip is toxic. Direct your energy forward, moving positively toward your purpose.
  1. Concentrate on what’s right in this world. Positive conclusions about the world drive your energy and optimism.
  1. Avoid energy drains. Move quickly away from activities and people that induce negativity, and divert your energy to uplifting activities and people.
  1. Appreciate your gifts. Recognize your unique strengths and talents, and be grateful for them. Apply them deliberately to advance your journey, to help those around you, and to make a difference.
  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be comfortable in your own Know that you have something unique to offer the world.
  1. Don’t harbor jealousy. Invest time celebrating rather than mourning the success of others.
  1. Be mindful. Live in the present. Be thankful for your past, without regrets. Be hopeful and excited for the future; you may be nervous, but don’t be fearful of what lies on the journey ahead of you. While appreciating every current moment, know that your best day is ahead of you still.
  1. Consider your future with calm and confidence. Rather than picturing the few things that can go wrong, spend time imagining success in exquisite detail. Belief fuels success.
  1. Make time for awe. Find your awe, whether in music, art, nature, sport, or adventure. Then indulge in it.
  1. Empower your cognitive brain. Remember that it can overcome any fear your primitive brain throws at you if you give it the chance. Practice using it, building its positive muscles until overcoming your fears is a reflex.
  1. Respect your primitive brain. Remember that it’s there to protect you. Appreciate how it ensures your safety, and learn to discern when it’s alerting you to real threats.
  1. Stage productive conversations. Use your cognitive brain to respectfully disagree with your primitive brain.
  1. Foster a neutral emotional response to setbacks. Bad things happen. Get over it. Build forward positively.
  1. Embrace vulnerability. In gentleness is awareness and strength.
  1. Yield (selectively) to forces greater than you. The river wins when it flows around the big boulders, bringing life and energy downstream.
  1. Avoid rigidly controlling your life. Life happens. Success, happiness, and purpose come from adapting your plans and seizing the opportunities presented by change.
  1. Recognize and dispute automatic negative thoughts. Be mindful of your internal discussion. Reject automated doubt and fear.
  1. Embrace and foster optimism. Your mental and emotional response to events is critical. Practice optimism.
  1. Be thankful. Gratitude for who you are and what you can contribute is a powerful, purposeful force.
  1. Trust your abilities. Know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.
  1. Expect WHealth. It’s in your hands!

And throughout …

Have fun!


(This list is excerpted from the book, BodyWHealth, Journey To Abundance.) Buy it here.