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The Science of Compliments
The Science of Compliments 1024 750 BodyWHealth

Do you blush when somebody compliments you? Do you squirm uncomfortably in your seat? Science shows that compliments are a valuable tradition that builds WHealth.

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Gratitude: A Season and a Reason
Gratitude: A Season and a Reason 1024 658 BodyWHealth

Five more sleeps. Yes, grown men also count sleeps! It is only five more sleeps, and then all my children will be home for Thanksgiving. Nothing could make me happier!

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Gratitude Journal: Can your iPhone Drive Happiness?
Gratitude Journal: Can your iPhone Drive Happiness? 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Gratitude is a powerful driver of health and happiness that we should include in our armory of healthy habits. read more

The Power of Gratitude
The Power of Gratitude 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Do you want 10 minutes of happiness (and health)? Sit quietly with a pen and paper and write down all the ways you can say “Thank You”. Remember how people have thanked you, and how you have thanked them. Remember everything about the experience – the sight, sound, touch, smell and (if appropriate) the taste. I guarantee you very happy memories, and a profoundly uplifting experience. read more