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Cognitive Therapy

Build Resilience, Scientifically!
Build Resilience, Scientifically! 1024 682 BodyWHealth

The opposite of resilience is helplessness – the inability or unwillingness to pick yourself up from the floor, dust yourself off, and get on with life after a fall. The great news is that you can immunize yourself against helplessness, increasing your resilience. read more

The Immense Power of Positive Thinking
The Immense Power of Positive Thinking 1024 598 BodyWHealth

If you have ever felt sad, depressed or anxious, I want you to read to the end of this blog and click on the link to the TED talk by Dr David Burns. It’s a powerful description of how we can use our cognitive brains to positively affect our moods, and to change lives. Watch all the way to the end! read more