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Balance Energy for Life
Balance Energy for Life 1024 683 BodyWHealth

Why BodyWHealth? It’s simple. To prosper, you need to unlock the powerful linkages between mind, body and emotion. When you do this, you open yourself to a life of abundance. There is no bigger prize. It starts with your body. To support a life of extraordinary achievement, joy and fulfillment, you have to build the vessel to carry you there.  Here is how you prepare for WHealth … read more

Bad Week for Sugar; Good Week for WHealth
Bad Week for Sugar; Good Week for WHealth 1024 682 BodyWHealth

A flurry of articles in the New York Times last week portrayed the Coca-Cola company in a very bad light. The articles questioned the company’s scientific integrity, exposing details that suggest the company is influencing scientists to protect it’s revenue. read more

Grip Strength Predicts Longevity
Grip Strength Predicts Longevity 1024 496 BodyWHealth

Did you ever wince from a vice-like handshake? We all know them. They come at you, bigger than life, and you get the sense that they believe that the strength of their handshake says something about their vitality. Actually, they’re right. It turns out that your grip strength is an even better indicator of your longevity than your blood pressure! read more

Portion Size Inflation Threatens BodyWHealth
Portion Size Inflation Threatens BodyWHealth 1024 683 BodyWHealth

Data from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) show how average portion sizes have doubled in twenty years. This has significant impact on health. To offset this calorie inflation, we have to be more disciplined about exercise habits. The infographic below estimates the additional exercise required to burn off the excess calories associated with the current portion distortion. read more

The (R)evolutionary Gap and BodyWHealth
The (R)evolutionary Gap and BodyWHealth 1024 552 BodyWHealth

Modern men and women suffer the consequences of an evolutionary gap that impairs our health and happiness. Social and technology advances have rapidly outstripped our biology. For BodyWHealth, we must live yesterday’s behaviors in today’s world! read more

Why Diets Fail: 3 Big Reasons!
Why Diets Fail: 3 Big Reasons! 1024 682 BodyWHealth

The natural response to finally accepting you are overweight is to dive into a “diet”. For the vast majority, these short-term calorie purges don’t work. In order to achieve sustainable healthy weight goals, you must implement more balanced lifestyle modifications. Here are the main reasons. read more

How Do I Get Younger with BodyWHealth? (Q&A)
How Do I Get Younger with BodyWHealth? (Q&A) 1024 674 BodyWHealth

Dear Dr Carter, You mention in several blogs that exercising and following a good diet will make me younger. Is this really true? How does my body get younger? Thanks, JR read more

WHealthy Habit: 3-Step Prescription for Change
WHealthy Habit: 3-Step Prescription for Change 680 144 BodyWHealth

I have fantasized about it often. “Please come in Mrs. Nelson, have a seat. So, you’d like a new life? You want to transform? You want to feel good, every day? I can help you. We’re going to change your habits, the daily actions and behaviors that drive you automatically. read more