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Sugar-Drink Death; Are You Vulnerable?
Sugar-Drink Death; Are You Vulnerable? 716 472 BodyWHealth

Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), designed to tempt your palate, are silent killers. Results of a recent study estimate 184,000 deaths per year are directly attributable to SSB consumption. read more

Grip Strength Predicts Longevity
Grip Strength Predicts Longevity 1024 496 BodyWHealth

Did you ever wince from a vice-like handshake? We all know them. They come at you, bigger than life, and you get the sense that they believe that the strength of their handshake says something about their vitality. Actually, they’re right. It turns out that your grip strength is an even better indicator of your longevity than your blood pressure! read more

New Study Proves 10,000 Steps Saves Lives
New Study Proves 10,000 Steps Saves Lives 1024 772 BodyWHealth

The results of a new study have confirmed the incremental value of exercise in reducing the risk of death. Exercise equivalent to 10,000 steps on at least 5 days of every week (BodyWHealth Golden Rule #1) is the optimal strategy for WHealth! read more