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“Have Fun”: A Tiny Greeting with Huge Impact
“Have Fun”: A Tiny Greeting with Huge Impact 1024 682 BodyWHealth

I’m an executive coach that helps clients achieve elite performance. Most of my work is serious work, with serious clients. Yet I still urge every one of them to “HAVE FUN!” read more

Engage to Thrive
Engage to Thrive 640 427 BodyWHealth

When Mother Nature gifted us with our emotional brains hundreds of millions of years ago, she leap-frogged us ahead of all other species. This collection of nerve centers, known more formally as the limbic system, controls our inter-personal connections. It equips us with the mammalian instincts to nurture our offspring and collaborate with others to protect and advance our kinship groups. To ensure that we do this, Nature designed a simple reward system, called happiness. When we engage socially, we trigger irresistible neurochemical rewards. read more