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Vulnerability: A Surprising Strength?
Vulnerability: A Surprising Strength? 1024 673 BodyWHealth

An unexpected brush with an international sporting hero sparks deep insight into the transformational power of vulnerability. read more

Core Strength: Small Investment, Huge Reward
Core Strength: Small Investment, Huge Reward 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Do you dream of the perfects “abs”? The legendary 6-pack? You totally should. Regardless of your age, there is reward for working your core!

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Your Journey: The Origin of WHealth
Your Journey: The Origin of WHealth 1024 536 BodyWHealth

New beginnings are hard, not the least because you often start with your face in the mud after a precipitous fall or a steady and undignified slide aided by the gravity of life.

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Grip Strength Predicts Longevity
Grip Strength Predicts Longevity 1024 496 BodyWHealth

Did you ever wince from a vice-like handshake? We all know them. They come at you, bigger than life, and you get the sense that they believe that the strength of their handshake says something about their vitality. Actually, they’re right. It turns out that your grip strength is an even better indicator of your longevity than your blood pressure! read more

Strength Training for WHealth
Strength Training for WHealth 1024 594 BodyWHealth

The basis for physical WHealth should be your 10,000 steps on 5 days of every week. In addition, strength training confers both physical and psychological benefit. read more