• BodyWHealth: Unlocking the Best Possible You


Kate (49)
Kate (49) 150 150 BodyWHealth

I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that follow a life-threatening health crisis. The doctors filled my head with statistics on my prognosis and these monstrous numbers overwhelmed me with fear. The best thing I did was to listen to my body. I embarked on the BodyWHealth journey and am now fitter and healthier than ever before. My doctors are amazed. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger. They all want to know my secret.

Sarah (35), professional
Sarah (35), professional 150 150 BodyWHealth

I can’t wait to give this book to my parents!

Jimmy (51), businessman
Jimmy (51), businessman 150 150 BodyWHealth

Understanding your explanation as to why our lives changed in an evolutionary nanosecond is hugely motivational … I did 11436 steps yesterday.

Christy (45), educator
Christy (45), educator 150 150 BodyWHealth

“The biology of the body is exquisitely explained using metaphors and mental imagery that make the complexity of our body systems easy to understand.”

Karen (53), psychologist
Karen (53), psychologist 150 150 BodyWHealth

BodyWHealth is beautifully written….warm, sensitive, personalized, highly relevant and clearly based on sound, well researched principles and practices.

Kirstin (19), daughter
Kirstin (19), daughter 150 150 BodyWHealth

“Daddy, thank you for teaching us that aging is a choice.”