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Transform Your Team’s Performance

Transforming Leaders. Liberating Success .

A powerful immersion experience for leaders and their teams to enhance engagement and productivity, build community and reduce stress at work

To drive growth and performance, today’s workforce must somehow deliver more. Yet, at the individual level, we are maxed out. In contrast, indigenous populations understood the ecology of life, and thrived!

This one-day immersion integrates cutting edge science, with primal truths long-forgotten by modern humans. In a fun-filled program, we teach you to unlock fundamental performance drivers that inspire prosperity at work and at home.

“The truth is that we are naturally designed for success. Yet, most of us
underperform. We teach simple, yet profound actions that transform leaders and their teams from would-be’s into winners.”

— Roddy Carter, MD

Powerful Development of the Individual

  • Adopt a naturally-designed framework for success and purpose.
  • Actionable insights and strategies for personal growth.
  • Strategy for individuals to thrive at work and at home.
  • Build confidence, optimism, resilience and endurance.

Enduring Organizational Benefit

  • Boost employee engagement and productivity.
  • Enhance collaboration and break down organizational silos.
  • Reduce workplace stress.
  • Build a culture that attracts, nurtures and retains talent.
“Something has been unleashed in me I have not experienced in a long, long time. I have felt strong, happy, vibrant, creative and so deeply inspired. You have given me permission to embrace a life I never dared to dream.”

—JK, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

Success through Health and Happiness

The one-day immersion program uses a stimulating mix of workshops and fun exercises to teach the science of peak performance.

Participants leave the workshop with a detailed action plan for meaningful behavior change.

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